Friday, October 14

it's saturday

and saturdays are always good....
I got to talk to my sister this morning for a good long time. It's been a long time since we talked. I had cinnamon toast and an apple (that I just remembered I didn't finish, so it must still be sitting on my table half eaten...eww.) I got a good amount of sleep. I came to the office and got my inbox down to six emails, but I still have a lot to do.

Yesterday was a rather full day. I taught my two beginner classes (8am, 9am) and then went to watch the elementary classes in their English skit competition. That was fun. Lunch took forever because it was hot noodles and the line was enormous. Intermediate class at 1 (they performed memorized dialogues...they were cute), then a short break and a meeting to revise our midterm, which lasted until almost 5. (We have to give the same midterm test, so all the teachers have to agree and make the test together.) Then, at five, we took part of our beginner class out to dinner. We have to do interviews with all of our students, but with beginners, it's hard, because they don't know much English at all, and my beginner partner's and my Korean is just OK, but not great enough to conduct a fluent interview. So, we took the guys of the class out to dinner in two small groups. It was a good way to interact. We're having a baking night with the girls next week.

So, the longer I sit in the office today, the colder it gets and even though I have homework to grade and record, I think I will go home and accomplish these tasks later. I've got a good book to finish anyhow.

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Adrielley said...

I'm always impressed by your ability to take joy in simple things. God made you that way for missions, I'm sure. I love to hear about your little food joys and your good books and staying under the covers :) Glad you're feeling better!