Sunday, February 11

back in Bangkok

We got back into Bangkok yesterday. Last night we ate at a great little open restaurant and had roti with our meal. The ladies are making it below.
Today, we went to the Grand Palace. It was impressive, sad, huge.... Interesting architecture, for sure.

Taken from the reflection of a mirror tiled wall. (My friends idea, not mine, unfortunately.)

We're all beat after a long day. A few of us are still having issues adjusting to the heat. The past few days have been much hotter than what we're used to!


Laura T. said...

I'm glad you're back! I've been missing messenger time. I can't believe it's hot there. Today was an EXTREMELY warm day of 39 degrees and I loved it!

chinachat said...

Yeah, we'll have to wait until i get back to china to chat again. I bet we have a few important things to catch up on!