Saturday, February 17

sunset and trek

Sunrise on Koh Samet, Ao Nuan beach.

Yesterday's trek began with an elephant ride. I got this elephant. She's been pregnant for almost two years! That means she's due sometime soon.

We walked through and around some beautiful rice and soy bean fields then up to a waterfall.

Some of us took a quick dip in the cold water after a few pictures.

Then we visited a Karen village of weavers. I'm sure they see a lot of tourists everyday, but they were still full of smiles and we enjoyed learning a little about them and seeing them working. We took a bamboo rafting ride at the end of the afternoon and then came back to our hostel to dry off before heading out to a night market last night for street food and shopping.


R Debenport said...

yes, the King was born on a Monday which represents yellow. This year is the celebration of the King's 60th year on the throne so many people wear their yellow King shirts every Monday. (or any yellow shirt will do if you don't have a King's shirt).

If you want a good Thai massage, there's a great place on Nimmenhemin Soi 3 called Kalavek Spa (also called The Wancome). Phone # is 053-895-187. And if you want a good manicure/pedicure, there's a great place on Huay Kaew called Nice Nails (don't have their # unfortunately).


chinachat said...

I only have today left in Chiang Mai and I don't think I have time for a massage or manicure because I'm taking a cooking class and then meeting up with your friend Gade again. She's so friendly! I might have time for a massage on my last day in Bangkok tomorrow, though. I went with a friend to a place there and it was good. Thanks for all your help, Rebecca!