Thursday, February 22

home in Yanji

I said goodbye to Bangkok last night on the back of a songthaew to connect me to the bus to the airport. Such a beautiful, warm night. I arrived in Yanji today at 4 after spending all day at the Seoul Incheon airport because of crazy thick fog that lasted all morning and delayed my flight by almost 5 hours! The airport was so full of people because nobody was leaving. I had slept a little on the flight from Bangkok to Seoul, then a little in the transfer lounge, but I was nervous that I would miss my flight, but it turned out I had PLENTY of time. It was kinda a wasted day because I was too tired to really focus on reading or anything else, but anyway, now I'm back and it's good.

I got to meet with some friends tonight for good fellowship and it feels so good to be here. A lot to do in the next few days to get my apartment cleaned up and get ready for class. I still don't have internet at home, so it'll take a few days to get that sorted and then I'll try to post the last of my Thailand pics that I've been trying to unsuccessfully for the past few days.

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R Debenport said...

Glad you made it back safely. We spent the day at the Incheon airport a few months ago and were very impressed (not that I'd choose to spend 8 hours there, but as far as airports go, it was nice). Seems like you mentioned awhile back that you can't look at your blog in China - you can blog, but can't look at it and therefore can't see any comments. Is that right? (guess if you never respond, then I'll know!)