Sunday, February 4

somewhere north

We will soon be off to somewhere north of Bangkok, so I'll be away from internet for a few days.

A few more pictures:Fans at the market.Popsicles. I tried one. They're only 3 baht (10 cents or so?) and the last taste you get has a bit of salt in it because of the salt ice water that freezes them.
I was watching this kid play in a plastic bag, thinking about all those warnings about bags and children we hear in the West. This kids parents were watching, though.

Then, the kid chases a dog and puts the dog in the plastic bag! I gasped when I saw it and almost rescued the dog, but then this lady told the kid to stop. Poor little dog!

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R Debenport said...

I love seeing all your pictures of Thailand. I never did try one of those popsicles in all my time there - maybe next time. Enjoy the good food, warm weather (if you like that), beautiful countryside, shopping and the incredibly generous and gracious Thai people. It sounds like you've already gotten a taste of all these things!