Saturday, February 17

Bangkok, beach, weaving

I didn't get these pictures up in the same groups as I intended, but anyway...Isn't Thai writing beautiful?

This is on a boat taking us home one afternoon in Bangkok. Wouldn't it be cool to have a boat as part of your commute? Notice how Thais have a fondness of yellow. We asked some questions about this and apparently (correct me if you know better) the king was born on the day of the week that is represented by yellow, so people honor him by wearing yellow.

The day before we left Bangkok, we went to the Vimanmek palace (which was beautiful, but we couldn't take pictures). On the same grounds there is this building, which is a throne palace, I think. It looked a lot like the capital!

A collage of beach pictures. We had a wonderful, relaxing time on the beach. The part of the island we went to was recommended in my Let's Go book that my mom sent me. It doesn't have a phone, so it doesn't take reservations, but we were lucky and got a bungalow there. It even had my name as part of the name of the bungalow! We slept under mosquito nets, took dips in the beach multiple times a day, watched gorgeous sunrises, sunsets, and stars at night, and ate really delicious food cooked by the family that owned the spot in a beautiful tiered courtyard. A wonderful, relaxing time.

Yesterday, we went on an organized trek south of Chiang Mai. This is a Karen weaver in one of the villages we visited.

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