Tuesday, February 27

a shiny eye on you

I seem to have some picture posting issues to deal with. Not sure if it's the kind of pics I'm trying to post or what. Anyhow, here's one cool one of the dragon eye on the walk up to Doi Suthep in Chiang Mai. I will try yet again to post more later.

The only news is that I am really loving reconnecting with community here and excited about starting to teach again tomorrow, even though I haven't prepared for that yet. I am teaching two classes this semester, only two days a week: Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. Yay!
I tried my hand at Thai cooking for my first time last night. I made curry and sweet and sour vegetables, which were good, but the steamed banana cakes which were so cute and good at the cooking class were not such a success. Ah well, two out of three is not so bad.
I just had a lovely skype chat with my sister and brother in law with their webcam hooked up for the first time! Fun times.


Anonymous said...

If you like cooking Thai food at home try this

R Debenport said...

this is the second time I've seen this recommendation for thaifoodtonight.com in the comments of your blog. I checked it out and it's a great site. The other night we had tom kha soup, papaya salad, basil pork and fried glass noodles - it was yummy!! (a group project of myself, my dad and a friend)