Saturday, February 3

Chatuchak Market

I'm lucky to be staying in a place for these first few nights in Bangkok with wireless internet for only 10 baht per day, which is like 30 cents or so. So it's easy for me to make that collage and post pics from my laptop. I found out how to use the songthaew, which is the only public transportation that comes by where I am staying, to get to the bus line this morning. I got instructions to go out to the road, cross it, and wait for the car with two seats in the back to come along. I went out to where I was told, but then I realized I didn't really know what the car was supposed to look like. I got near some other people who looked like they were waiting and followed what they did. The songthaew is like a small pickup with the bed covered like a covered wagon. There are two parallel bench seats along the sides and when those are full people stand in the middle. You ring a bell to tell the car when to stop and then walk to the front of the car and pay the driver. I took that and then a bus to this huge weekend market. I read that it's the biggest market in the world.
They have lots of tempting food vendors as well as cafes. These litte guys were at work making fried quail eggs! In Korea, these are usually boiled and then peeled to eat. I've never seen them fried. How cute!
There were a lot of vendors pouring strange combinations of liquids in these metal tubes. I figured out later that they were popsicles.
I walked around the market from about 10 until 6, with a lunch and dinner break plus a rest in the adjacent park. There are people who will rent you a mat to sit on so you won't have to sit on the grass. I chose to sit on the grass. I noticed these guys not too far from me who managed to fit three men lying down on one mat.
The brochure for this market says that if you can't find what you're looking for at this market, you probably can't find it in Bangkok. They did have an amazing array of stuff. In the vintage section of the market, I walked past one booth that even had Cabbage Patch dolls. That brought back a few memories of my childhood!

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