Sunday, February 4

Bangkok 2

Above are a few more scenes from yesterday at the market: my lunch, strings of lights, fruit juice sales, my dinner, squid, the rush for the bus, more fruit, and mice for sale.
Today, I went with friends who came in last night to a fellowship meeting and then to the downtown, name brand shopping section of Bangkok. Not much to report on there, just a nice food court. We wandered around the streets outside the nice malls for a while. This altar had lots of red drinks with straws in them as offerings to the idol.
Shrines like this seem to be pretty common. The flowers they sell nearby to offer to the god are really beautiful. So sad that it's a waste.
We took the sky train to the market I went to yesterday because they wanted to look for some souveniers for friends. These signs are on the end of each row of seats.
When we got off the skytrain, I envied this guy taking it easy in the park.

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