Monday, January 29


I have thought I should change the name of this blog to "the snow chronicles" or something, because I feel compelled to let you guys know every time it snows. I woke up to beautiful snow this morning. I celebrated by walking to McDonald's where they now have breakfast food! This is a new thing. They have always been open for breakfast, but now they not only serve hamburgers (I guess they still serve those at breakfast time too), but they also serve egg mcmuffins and pancakes in Korea for breakfast. It was nice.
Yesterday, I went to see 미녀는 괴로워, a movie with the family I used to live with. Afterwards, we went to a new shopping center near where they live. We were walking around outside and saw this sign. It says "Danger of electric shock. Do not touch the tree." Except the word they use for tree (the trees have Christmas lights on them) is not the Korean one, 나무 (nah-moo), it's a Konglish word, 추리(choo-ri) which is meant to be the English word, tree. I couldn't believe it. Why wouldn't they use the Korean word for tree? The younger sister looked at the sign, looked at her sister, and said "Onnie (older sister), what's a choori?" I was glad she asked, because I didn't know either. The older sister explained to us and we laughed. More examples of Konglish here and here.

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