Tuesday, January 16

Vietnamese noodles and plants

Yesterday I was walking back to the place where I'm staying after meeting a friend and seeing her off at the bus stop. I heard my name being enthusiastically called and turned around to find the dad of the house I lived in my last few months in Korea. He was so happy to see me and called his wife right away to make dinner plans. I had to apologize for not calling them first and give them a good excuse for why I'm not staying with them. (I couldn't really get in touch with them because of the internet being down.) I went to dinner with the family (two girls and parents). We ate Vietnamese pho. It was so good, but the whole time, I was feeling a little strange. When the owner brought out Vietnamese coffee for us, I was really looking forward to drinking it, but after the first drink, I felt really weird and got up to go to the bathroom. Unfortunately, I didn't make it to the bathroom before I threw up on the restaurant floor. I kept going and made it to the sink for round two. I haven't thrown up since once in college. I don't know what happened to me. I was so embarrassed for making that mess for them. I tried to tell the owner that I really enjoyed my meal, but I'm not sure how much he believed. My Korean family was so kind. They helped me clean up and then bought me some medicine and took me home.
The house I'm staying in has these beautiful potted plants that fill their balconies. When I had a house, I had a dream to turn the huge backyard into a beautiful garden one day. That house is no longer mine, but maybe I will have an amazing garden someday. (I thought I needed to leave you with something other than my sick story.)

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