Wednesday, January 17


So everybody in Texas is complaining about the weather. I think it's kinda funny. For some reason, even though I lived almost my whole life in Texas, I love cold weather. I love wearing layers of clothes and warm hats and scarves and big coats. When I tell people I love cold weather, they usually say, "But aren't you from Texas?".

The weather in Texas has been below freezing for a few days, but it's been below freezing in Northeast China for at least a month, and that's because this winter has been warm and started late. Anyway, I guess that it's alright for Texans to complain about it because it's not normal.

In Seoul, it's quite a bit warmer than Yanji. I wore a pair of long johns on the plane over, but haven't put them on since. I haven't been wearing a hat or gloves much and I brought my short coat that I can't wear in Yanji right now. Someone last week asked if where I live was as cold as here. I told him it was much colder and his eyes got very big. He said he can barely stand to be here in the winter because he gets dizzy when he goes outside. I told him to get a hat.


Jenni said...

I love the cold weather much more than the hot - I just don't quite have the right clothes for it!

Nana said...

Yes we Texans are wusses when it comes to icey temps. We all are wearing so many layers we can't bend over. Brian's mom