Saturday, January 20

hiking and other ways to fill time

I had no one to meet up with yesterday, so I set out on a small hike up the mountain behind the apartment I used to live in. It was a pretty warm and sunny day, so I was warm as long as I kept moving. The trail felt familiar and it was a nice few hours up to the top and back. My knees are not thanking me today, though.

The first of the pictures show an ad for a health club on the trail! Development is everywhere in Korea, and even on the hiking trail, they can't help but advertise. My backpack held my snacks: cheese sandwich crackers (called Cheese Sand on the box), some mandarin oranges, and chocolate covered pumpkin seeds, a new discovery. Yum! The last picture is the view from my bedroom window at night. These apartments are the things that Korea is made of.

Today, I went to Itaewon to visit a friend from back in the day here in Korea. She has a beautiful one and a half year old daughter that was super cuddly and friendly, so I really enjoyed spending some time with her on my lap. We ate Subway sandwiches for lunch. Yum. There is so much good food there from so many different nationalities that I wanted to get take out for the whole week ahead, but I restrained myself from doing so.

Tonight I'm going to spend the night with the two girls from my old homestay. Should be fun!

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