Monday, January 22

kids and cookies

I had a wonderful time with the girls of the family I used to live with. When I got there, the younger one asked me what was needed to make cookies. I told her and we either found or bought all the ingredients. Then, she told me that they didn't have an oven anymore. They had changed their gas oven and range for just electric burners with no oven beneath. So, we tried the toaster oven. I didn't have high hopes for the results, but they turned out really well for the most part. They had a really great time shaping all the cookies and watching them "bloom" in the oven. We played some games together, laughed and were silly together. I wonder why we never had this kind of fun when I lived there?

Today, I went to a friend's house to see her new baby. She lives North of Seoul and I'm staying Southeast of Seoul, so it took a while to get there. I left plenty early so I had time for a coffee break at a new Krispy Kreme in Myung Dong, a trendy section of Seoul where I changed from the bus to the subway. They were trying out a new donut for Valentine's day and gave me one. I took a picture of that as well as some of the many signs that can be seen nearby.
I have been so lucky to get to visit with a lot of children in the past few days: on Saturday a 1.5 year old and the 12 and 14 year olds and today a 2 month old. Being around children is such a blessing. They bring a fresh perspective that I need.

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