Saturday, January 13

a few more pictures

The snow sculptures were really great, so here are a few more just for fun. In one, I am striking a karate kid-like pose at the request of the photographer.

This dragon was really big and cool. We all tried to capture its magnificence on film, but alas, we failed.

Me, on the second level of the sleeper. It's the best place to be because nobody bugs you there and you're not too far away from the ground.

We got back at around 7 on Sunday morning to a deep and beautiful snow. These are the houses near my apartment. I think they're cute.

These are the military guys cleaning up certain sections of the base. They have these man powered snow plows. One person pushes and two or three people pull. Pretty effective use of a lot of men. What do they do when it's not snowing, I wonder?

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