Friday, January 12

Harbin, part two

This was the big event in Harbin that we went to see. We got on the bus as soon as it got dark (4:30). We were all bundled up: me with two pairs of long johns, three pairs of socks, more than three layers of shirts, my big down coat, gloves, scarf wrapped around twice, and hat. Some members of our threesome had on even more than me.
Unfortunately, the bus ride was super crowded and I started sweating under all those layers. All I could really take off was the hat, scarf, and gloves. They came off and I was gasping for fresh air everytime the door opened to let someone off. I had to walk around for a few minutes outside to cool down, but it didn't take long.
We were impressed with this city of ice buildings lit up from the inside. They had palaces, churches, tunnels, igloos, castles with slides, sculptures galore. It was beautiful. Worth the 150 yuan (about 18 bucks) I paid to get in.
We hooked ourselves together and slid down one of the ice slides on our rear ends. So fun! It felt like I was a teenager again at Wet and Wild waiting my turn to go down the next water slide. We stayed pretty warm most of the evening, it just got cold as we were waiting to meet up with our Korean friends again to go home together that we got cold, but we were warmed up by the packed bus ride home and almost thawed out by the time we reached our destination. We went to eat spicy rice cakes and steamed eggs at the Korean restaurant near the place we stayed. We impressed them with our (three white girls) ability to read, write, and speak Korean and we got special treatment.
Looking down from the top of one of the taller palaces. You can see a huge Buddha sculpted from snow and the other buildings in the park.

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