Friday, January 26


I decided to visit some museums while I'm here because there are some good exhibits out and I am missing a bit of culture in my life. Tonight at a coffee shop after dinner, I ordered some ice cream served in a shallow bowl of coffee. When the ice cream was melted and there was only a little left, I poured it into my coffee cup to drink it. My friend joked and called me 천스럽다, something like "a country girl". I agreed that yes, I am in need of some more culture but that I did visit two museums today! I saw Jean Dubuffet and Rene Magritte exhibits which were both very nice. The Dubuffet exhibit is inside the grounds of 덕수궁 (the Duk Su Palace) which offers some contrast between Korea old and new:

A guy selling produce from his cart near 동대문, the old east gate of the city: At a modern Starbucks not too far away, three girls alone in a row reading or studying. The trees outside the window are lit up. Soon after I took this picture, a light snow fell for a while.

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