Wednesday, January 31

the poor design seriously threats your soul

I was looking around a store yesterday on the way to meet a friend. The stairs down to the store had this sign above them. It's the name of the store and their motto, I guess. We should all take it to heart, I think.My friend and I had planned to meet here, at the relatively new National Museum of Korea, but she ended up having to work longer than expected, so I went on my own. It was pretty impressive. The national museum itself is huge, as you can see. They have all sorts of Asian art on three floors. The special exhibit there was ornaments decorated with jewel beetles. They had belts, headdresses, etc. that were decorated with the shiny backs of special beetles.They have one section devoted to their beloved language, which was also pretty interesting. The Korean language was invented by a king and his scholars to give the common people a way to write and read without learning the Chinese characters that the language used to be written in. The shapes of the Korean alphabet are made to look like the shape of your mouth or tongue when you say them. I think that's pretty cool. I didn't know that until a few years after I learned the alphabet, though.
The museum had great English translations, but there were still a few funny things to find, like this sign:
In the special exhibition part of the museum, they have some paintings on loan from the Louvre. It was an extra 9 bucks to see that and it was super crowded, but it was nice. I overheard one girl saying something like "hardly any of them have any clothes on!" (of people in the paintings).

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